Speaking of the Litter Box...

There is an spoken rule out there about having multiple cats needing multiple litter boxes for their needs.   If you have the room (or a cat or two are having kitty litter dominance issues), than this is most advisable.  Yet, I know many who live in tiny apartments but have the largest of hearts having a cat or more live with them with no issues.  So for many who have one or two cats, one litter box will do as long as it is maintained. And maintained regularly.

I cannot stress this further.  I have been to lovely homes where I smell a faint whiff of "cat" in the air and it can be disturbing especially in where the litter box is placed.  It just permeates the home.  And often it's because it has not been maintained regularly.

You'll also notice your cat's "styles" of hiding their poo/pee packages.  Our late boys, Felix and Oscar, had the habit of leaving their poop just on top; enough to aggravate the other in the resistance of using the box unless removed...immediately.  It was then that we opted to converting an IKEA top lidded pine storage box into another kitty box area...it was done with a sawed out opening on the narrow end and was easy to move to any room needed...till the war subsided and those two got along better to use the one box again.  They hardly made any outside mess other than the little bit of litter stuck on their paws.  Only thing about owning boy cats; is that they pee on the sides pretty high, so we needed to put corrugated plastic barrier walls to protect the walls on the inside of the bottom shelf to maintain cleanliness.  So if you own boy cat(s) that may be something to consider in their maintenance.

Now, we have the girls, their styles are completely different.  Sadie bury's hers nicely, while Lexi insists on the mountain (read the previous post of her comical way).  As we kept the previous litter box (it's huge and roomy for them) we didn't think it would be an issue with their litter...till we noticed that these girls like to dish the litter outside the box...and sometimes half the litter would be sitting right in our pathway.  And Lexi makes sure of that...

The litter box has always been placed inside our bathroom closet on the very bottom as the door was removed long ago for easier access for us and them.  But finding heaps of litter first thing in the morning was getting on my nerves as well as sweeping up copious amounts of it, so we needed to do something fast.  Hence, after reviewing many styled litter box containers, idea's online and on Pinterest, we opted to making our own containment for the litter box "throw the sand out the box" party.  Keep in mind if you have cat(s) that casually cover and leave minimum mess, then the below is not needed; it's strictly for the excavator cats.

So I just showed you my new pooper scooper (which by the way it's best to refrain from shaking your scooper; bits of the clumped pee package will fall and cause the litter to smell bad faster) from a previous post...now, I'll show you what my girl's litter box looks like, where I place mine and what kind I use.

First at my trusty Canadian Tire Store, we bought a container that would fit first the closet space and then for the inside, the actual kitty litter box.  We gently cut out the center of the lid but kept an outer ledge for 2 reasons: 1. to still...keep the litter inside when in use, and 2. as a perch for them to stand to go in and out easily...as you can see below.

The fully contained litter box.
As you can see, they both fit with each other perfectly and sits inside my bottom of the bathroom closet just nicely.  I also had purchased a huge cookie tray to line the bottom as some scattered litter flies out.  We also have the "best pooper scooper" on the left side, dog poop bags (Dollar Store special) on the right easier for removal and tossing in our garbage (actually organic) bins, the top right has a hook with a small dust pan/brush and on the top left side is a motion detector light...I'm a big believer that they can use the light to see and move around plus it gives the added benefit of being lit when we walk in/out to shine a path to our bathroom entrance.

Lexi investigating the new litter box and litter.
There are so many types and varieties of cat litter that it really depends on your budget and your conscious. Some like to have it more organic but it can cost a pretty penny especially in owning more than one cat and in how often it needs a major clean and change.  Our choice of litter is the usual clumping ones sold in our local grocery store for multiple cats. Simply; it's cheaper. As it is primary a bentonite clay (clumps naturally when wet), it can also get dusty when you first use it. So, I started to buy the cat litter made from corn and pour just a 1/4 of it in with the clay clumping litter.  I mix it and find that the scent lasts longer, the dust is much less and the litter lasts just a day or two longer before the whole thing needs to be completely cleaned out and redone again (which we can stretch over 2 weeks or so).  The girls love it! (you can see Lexi on the bottom is already checking it out and wanting to make her "mark" in it...).  It's a win-win for both parties.  

"What? Lexi I'm not even done putting it back inside the closet?!"

Again, Lexi is demonstrating that it is perfect for her to use.  She was already scratching the litter.

And as you can see the corn litter is loosely mixed with the clumping cat litter...and inspected in detail by Lexi.
And again, Lexi approved.  Believe it or not...she had left me a package to clean before I put the actually box inside the closet. The lid is wet from me just washing it.  When we change the litter we also make it a point to clean the lid, the actual box and the litter box with some white vinegar and let it air dry. It's more natural and does the trick to keeping it naturally sanitized and cleaner much longer. And it's not harsh on their sensitive noses.

Our finished area of easy, clean and private use of their cat litter.
It would be a good suggestion to have a mat outside if possible to cat the litter stuck on their paws. All of these are just suggestions, but it has worked out marvelously.  No more morning heaps of litter in my way to the bathroom, no more unpleasant scents either and no more unhappy girls...win-win.


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