Meet the Mother of all Pooper Scoopers!

The saying "it's a dirty job but someone has to do it" indicates to me that they must have had a cat or terms of manually cleaning the cat litter.  We haven't quite thought about training our girls to use the toilet.....yet.......thinking...thinking.... YouTube has quite a number of videos of cats actually using the toilet, but from what I see and hear its a bit of a process to train them and best when they are young.

In the meantime as any cat owner knows, litter box maintenance is a huge chore, daily routine...the more the cats, the more the routine, the more the chore...we have 2 cats, so it's constantly cleaned out in the morning/dinner/ makes them happy and therefore so are we.  Cats don't like a dirty litter box just as we don't like a dirty toilet. Makes complete sense.

And having a few in the past and now these ladies, is no exception....except when it comes to removal of the poo/pee packages they leave behind in the litter box.  Let's just say we know they are "healthy".  And with their styles of burying the matter, we needed something that could withstand the dig.  We have Sadie who modestly bury's hers, and then we have Lexi who insists on making a lovely mountain for us to excavate...she literally piles on the litter so high that the bottom on one side of the cat litter box is plainly visible.  What a character!  We've used the traditional pet store brands to dollar store plastic varieties and always felt that they were good, but not good enough. They can break, wear down, get clumped up fast, easily and somehow, they don't feel good on the wrists. Always felt it took forever for the sand to flow through those holes.   I've had a few snap on me as well while retrieving the mother loads of matter.

But no longer: behold my new pooper scooper!

At first glance I too thought it was another plastic scooper: its not, it's made of aluminum with a nice plastic/rubber handle.  Feels very good on the hand as it is ergonomically correct for my wrist, the holes a little bit wider and longer and the sand falls through effortlessly, its bigger scoop area makes retrieving the dual poo pee packages hidden in the cat litter that much easier.  It feels exactly like a hand garden shovel.

This piece did come with a hefty price tag from my local pet store: $18.99 + tax (bought at Global Pets Store, but you can price them online such as on Amazon and maybe get it a bit cheaper) but after using it a few times the chore became less burdensome and more manageable. My plastic one pictured is retiring to a local pet shelter.  It was a good one too made from recycled plastic with some natural bamboo (not sure how that combination works...) but again, not big enough.  So there you have it...a good recommendation of purchase for if you will excuse me, its time for me to go and do my daily, routine chore...with pleasure!


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