Free Cat to Loving Home: Marley

This was forwarded to me by a dear friend looking for a home for her 2nd cat.  

Let me know and I can forward you the contact of his present owner.  Let them know you saw him on

Hello animal lovers,
As some of you may already know, I am attempting to re-home one of my cats. Major reason being I am very allergic to him, (I always have been but it's been getting worse and I can no longer ignore it). On top of that, my budget is proving it difficult for two cats. It's a very hard decision for me and I want to find him a forever home where he will be loved and cared for, as he has made me so so happy.

So I'm sending out this email with his info and pictures attached, please forward this to any friend who may be interested/know anyone who may be interested in a new fur baby (or anyone I missed I don't have everyone's email). I'm willing to drive anywhere within or around the GTA to drop him off.  

His name is Marley, he is 4 years old (I think, he was found as a stray so exact age is unsure). He is vaccinated and neutered. Super friendly cat, gets along with all kinds of animals and humans. LOVES food (who doesn't). Spends 20 hours a day sleeping and the other 4 hours purring and searching for food. Loves being brushed, totally okay with nails being clipped. Not a total lap cat but will sit next to me on the couch and sleeps in the bed with me. All together he's incredibly chill and possibly the happiest cat I've ever met. 
Thank you for taking the time out to read this. And thank you in advance for all your help, I truly appreciate all your kind gestures. 



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