Cat Towers and DIY Towers

It is a well known fact that cats generally love to perch upon a high areas, usually on a book case, an armor or fridge...anything that they can view from a high advantage.  And it's actually recommended for them. When cats find that they have a safe spot on higher ground they tend to be more relaxed as they are left on their own, with a bit of peace and often to secure a nap.  Sometimes we have those special perches or...we have to purchase/make one.

When we decided to have cats, I had the dilemma of finding suitable cat furniture as in a tower/condo/scratching post that didn't look tacky. 

In general I kept finding many that sold the typical carpet covered padded structures with sisal wrapped tubes and a little string with a foam ball attached. And that was just not coming into our place.  I know it serves a purpose, but I didn't want this furniture to be hidden in another room or basement; my goal was to have it displayed with our everyday furnishings and with some measure of decor.  Till, I stumbled upon The Refined Feline.  It's a wonderful website ( with many hip and great looking furnishings that blend right into your home and/or can make a statement as well.

Here is what ours looks like:

Lotus Cat Tower
As you can see, the fluid lines of this piece gives off the impression of art nouveau meets the cat of Soho.

(And yes, the framed picture is crooked...courtesy of the cats sometimes playing with it).

Granted, their prices are little on the high side.  Especially for letting cats pretty much destroy it to shreds...but you can't go wrong with something you will love, that lasts a long time (we've had ours for already 8 years) and stands the tests of these beasts.   2 sets of cats later it is still in good condition, even the carpet pads for the plateaus are not in that bad of a condition.

However, you can make your own.  Many online sites have do it yourself (DIY) projects that you can make with some creativity and frugality.  Pinterest, which is an app that is a catalog of ideas, has tons of concepts to use.   Latest trends have been the "IKEA Hacks"...use their products and re-purpose them as cat furnishings.  And so I decided to do just that...

I bought 5 boxes of the TUTEMO series ... which by the way IKEA is selling much cheaper at $19.99 each cube CAD  (Regularly was $49.99) grab these while they have them on sale and you may find them in the "AS IS" sections...any large cube (roughly 14" x 14") will do but it's always good to get a sweet deal. You will need 5 cushions 12" x 12" and some tacky;s the stuff that looks like plaster-sine meets temporary adhere. This project is great for those that have a fear of using drills, screws, hammers and nails.  You'll only need a hammer/mallet to pound in dowels and a Phillips screwdriver (a 4 pointed star).

So follow the steps with these pictures:

TUTEMO box cubes, sticky tacky and perfectly sized cushion.

Only pieces you will need from this box; everything included can be tossed.

Finished cube

Adding the sticky tacky put down lots and stretched not balled up :  PRESS down to make it stay and secure.

Final product

Lexi approved.

So you see, a perfectly functioning cat tower.  And here is why it's a cool piece.  Unless you prefer to drill the cubes together, the use of this sticky tacky allows you to change up the look, pair it down or separate them altogether.  NOTE:  due to the height of this project I made that is almost 5', I would highly suggest putting 2 box cubes at the base for better stability and leverage when the cats decide to jump from the top to the floor.  AND this is not a play area for young children.  As always with children that are young or just in general, supervision is the key. Accidents may happen, but they don't need to happen.,  These cubes are heavy so you don't want to have this knocked down on anyone, even your big toe.

So there you have can scour deals online through Craigslist, Kijiji, EBAY, WAYFAIR or AMAZON among many others as well. But guaranteed, making something for your precious fur babies makes it extra special.

Feel free to drop me your favourite purchase/made home...


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