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Speaking of the Litter Box...

There is an spoken rule out there about having multiple cats needing multiple litter boxes for their needs.   If you have the room (or a cat or two are having kitty litter dominance issues), than this is most advisable.  Yet, I know many who live in tiny apartments but have the largest of hearts having a cat or more live with them with no issues.  So for many who have one or two cats, one litter box will do as long as it is maintained. And maintained regularly.

I cannot stress this further.  I have been to lovely homes where I smell a faint whiff of "cat" in the air and it can be disturbing especially in where the litter box is placed.  It just permeates the home.  And often it's because it has not been maintained regularly.

You'll also notice your cat's "styles" of hiding their poo/pee packages.  Our late boys, Felix and Oscar, had the habit of leaving their poop just on top; enough to aggravate the other in the resistance of using the box unless remov…

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